Fate's Photograph

by brandon spacey

ISBN: 9781301728442

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When Brandon meets a girl at work he really likes, he tries to get closer to her. But things begin to get out of control, and she shows him a whole new level of desire for closeness. She wants to become part of him... And does.

Short Story. 11800 words.


"Hi, Joy."

"Hey Brandon," Jennifer screamed through laughter. "This is my friend, Joy."

Joy stopped short and covered her mouth, realizing I was not dressed. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you weren't decent."

"Heh. Nor did I."

Jennifer caught it. And she laughed appropriately. "Don't worry, Joy. He's not the least bit modest. Come on in." In some way, I loved the thought of Jennifer inviting someone into my home like I wasn't even there. Or more to the point - like she lived there herself.

Joy came around the couch and sat down at my feet, looking at the television. "What is this you're watching?"

"Western Wagons. You ever see it?"

"Oh my God. You watch this shit?" she said.

"Brandon and his westerns," Jennifer said, shaking her head.

"It's not a western. I mean - I don't like westerns... I-" I stumbled.

"Not a western?! NOT A WESTERN!" Jennifer shouted, and jumped on me like a kid playing with her dad. She was trying to tickle me or something. I had not quite caught on. But Joy was sitting there staring, and she was all giggles. It became clear to me that she was enamored of Jennifer in much the same way as everyone who had seen her sing that day outside the Chicken Bucket. Maybe Joy had been there too.

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