Phantom Photogenic

by brandon spacey

ISBN: 9781301861781

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Brandon has strange dreams that begin to turn into realities on his digital camera. The dreams become more and more vivid, and thus do the images. He begins to worry when the content of the photos start to take on scary qualities...

Short Story, 7,800 words.


Brandon slept more deeply than he had in weeks - months, maybe. And he slept through the entire night. It was a long hot night, with the comfortable sound of the ceiling fan blowing on him from above, and the standing fan moving the air from the side. Throughout the night, he had visions of photography - taking pictures of wild flowers and buildings with immaculate godlike architecture, people laughing in life, dancing in the rain, singing in the gardens and children running in the streets, parades and fairs, candy stores and staircases, orchestras and grandfather clocks - all vivid and clear as crystal on sunny day, and all real as life. It was the closest he had ever been to his dreams, and the most magnificent experience he felt he had ever lived, albeit far away in a dreamland. It was the thick pressure in his bladder that awakened him. It was four in the morning when his eyes popped open, and still dark. His eyes were instinctively attracted to the blinking amber light on the back of his camera. He sat up so quickly it made him dizzy, and grabbed the Q6000 from the nightstand. He had plugged it in before he got into bed the night before to recharge the batteries.

The light blinked purposefully, and the body of the camera was warm. Brandon clicked on the lamp and squinted his eyes against its screaming light. When his eyes finally adjusted, he looked at the LED on the top window of the camera. It said there were seven photos on the memory card.

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