by brandon spacey

ISBN: 9781301460281

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A man loses his daughter in a car accident. Four days later, his wife is trapped in a building during an earthquake. But Matt Mononamo has a powerful secret. Using ancient Indian magic, he might be able to save her. But magic has its price.

Short Story, 6200 words


When the streaming crowd pouring forth from the building finally began to slow to a trickle - the last remaining employees: the ones who had been in the bathroom, and those from the east wing of the building, the last to know - she dashed inside. It was now time to rescue those who had not stayed conscious. Surely there were those above who were now incapacitated, or trapped in some way - but still alive. Her obligation to them was dictated by her calm.

Just as she reached the inner reception area, a thick rumble began. It felt like an atomic bomb going off, and was nearly loud enough to rupture her eardrums. The walls and floor were shaking as if on springs and everything was beginning to crack up. Large sheaves of tile and marble came crumbling down off the wall. The escalators leading up to the lounge screeched and collapsed. The elevator doors - some stuck in mid-stride - were crushed into a permanent state of openness. People covered their heads and screamed, women dropped to the floor, not only because of the quake, but by sheer terror as well. The will to live was outweighed by the fear pounding fiercely through their minds - overwhelming their five senses. The walls cracked and buckled and splits in the floor and superstructure ripped through the building like electrified snakes doing a water dance. The Crater Complex Headquarters was collapsing.

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