The Time to Read Bookstore

by brandon spacey

ISBN: 9781301293520

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An essay about the Time to Read Bookstore - a bookstore from which one could buy books as well as one more ethereal element not available in other stores: time.

Read about the bookstore that disappeared from existence as quickly as it came about, because of a simple mistake and the unyielding laws of physics.

Short Story, 3200 words


The bookstore stood in a long shopping center full of shoe and outlet stores of various sorts. It was near the south end of the strip, and tucked away modestly among the fronts of those next to it, but it wasn't modest. No, this bookstore was anything but that. There were always cars in the parking lot, for the bookstore was not only open twenty-four hours a day, but on holidays as well. Yes, there were always cars in the parking lot. That is to say that in actuality, the parking lot was always full, and in fact, overflowing. It was hardly inconspicuous that most of the cars parked in front of the bookstore's closest neighbors belonged to patrons of the bookstore. But then, this wasn't just an ordinary bookstore, either.

You see, people always buy an armful of books when they go to any bookstore, but rarely do they actually have time to read them all. At least not in the context they find most desirable. These bookworms of whom I speak would rather not work for a living, but rather, simply just read. I know I would. Most people have so many things to do when they get home from work, that the only time they end up having to read is late night, and propped up in bed against the pillow upon which they will later be slobbering. Sex? Well, only if you want to cut into your reading time, the average bookworm thinks.

It really breaks down like this: most of us live a somewhat respectable distance between our workplaces and our homes. Commerce just doesn't thrive in the neighborhood. I don't personally know anyone who lives next door to a skyscraper. So we have to commute. This is a given, and most people don't have a real problem with it. Some do, however. Let's say you work twenty miles from home. That twenty-mile trip translates to about a forty five-minute commute - one way. So add this to the nine hours we are expected to be at work (eight for work and one for lunch) and suddenly, your workday is at ten and a half hours. This is unacceptable to some - myself included. Now considering you need eight hours of sleep to refresh, you're left with five and a half hours to do all that you want to do before sleeping. And this time must include showers, visits to the restroom, eating dinner and breakfast, and sex. When the hell's a man supposed to read?

Enter the Time to Read Bookstore.

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