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Midnight's Park tells the tale of an accidental encounter that causes a rift in the temporal flow. When it is discovered what has happened, Amalie determines it needs to be corrected. She enlists the help of Daniel Brandt, and together they must find a way to bring back the hundreds of thousands of people they caused to disappear. Gripping, fast-paced and terrifying - Midnight's Park is a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your reading chair until long after you have finished the book.

This is Spacey's first novel, and begins the Callie Simmons series.

A mission to Mars is doomed from the beginning, but no one sees the signs. When the radar goes out millions of miles from home, the Atlas crew begins to realize they might be lost.

Running out of fuel, oxygen and time, they must decipher the chaotic star charts and find a way to salvage their mission - without sacrificing themselves.

This is Spacey's second novel. This is the second installment in the Callie Simmons series.

Richie Rainwater is tasked with giving clients new identities through the Witness Security Act. But when a mysterious woman comes into his office one morning, he finds himself running to try to protect her - and himself. And through the brief but tenacious relationship he forms with her, Richie finds he may too be in need of a new identity.

This is Spacey's third novel. This is a standalone book.

A scientific team led by Callie Simmons is commissioned to build a craft that will dive deep into the darkness to locate and hopefully make contact with a rumored legendary creature.

This is Spacey's fourth novel, and the third in the Callie Simmons series.

Callie embarks on an investigative journey to find out what really happened on the Oliver Company's Atlas mission. her goal is to bring to justice anyone who had a hand in sabotaging that mission. She must fly to Fiji to confront Brian Bradley and his team, and unlock the mysteries of the enigmatic project, simply known as Red Bell.

This is Spacey's fifth novel. This is the last installment of the Callie Simmons series.

Noah and his friends like to frequent the rock bar in Bar Harbor, Maine. They have a running gag between them to see who can score the most phone numbers with bad pickup lines. Noah tries one on the local rock goddess as a joke. But for some reason, it works. Thus begins a heart-breaking journey for a man who's already in love with someone else, and a woman who trusts him.

This is Spacey's sixth novel. It is a standalone book, though Tanis does appear in other books.

When a woman is offered a classified job to help find a way to awaken the dead, she must fight her own past, and her newest friend is ready to help - on both sides of the great divide.

This is Spacey's seventh novel. This book begins the Shawn Stedwin series.

When Shawn Stedwin gets a call on her day off telling her that a server is down, she drives to the office. But it's not a normal server; it's a server on a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. Her boss also gifts her a computer on which she can build out an AI personality. But these two events cannot possibly be connected in any way. Except that they are.

This is Spacey's eighth novel, and the second in the Shawn Stedwin series.


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